Why you shouldn’t risk it with your Lip Filler provider

What is Lip Filler? Lip filler is a hydrating hyaluronic acid (HA) gel that is injected under the skin to hydrate and volumise the lips to replace lost plumpness and increase the size of your lips. In suitably qualified and experienced hands the results can be excellent. Few Regulations There is almost no regulation. Anybody can[…]

‘You have not only rebuilt my teeth but my confidence too’

Read the experience of Julie, one of our most recent implant patients. The Treatment For Julie’s Implants we worked closely with our Implantologist Dr Sarah Glover to achieve a seamless treatment plan. Due to the number of Implants Julie had, she travelled to Pickering for the treatment, where Dr Glover is based. (when fewer Implants are been done[…]

Bridlington Dental Studio - Preventative Dentistry

The Key to Preventative Dentistry

Historically dental check ups have been all about detection, however things have changed. Prevention is king. Most preventative care is carried out at home. This highlights the importance of educating yourself in the art of dental hygiene. The most effective way of doing this is by attending regular Hygiene Appointments. What is a Hygiene Appointment?[…]