Louisa’s Top Brushing Tips for Kids

Being an Oral Health Educator allows me to provide children with the knowledge and skills to brush well for the rest of their lives hopefully preventing decay and gum disease in the future.

Brushing your teeth with a fluoride tooth paste removes the plaque which sits on all our teeth, effective, regular tooth brushing will help prevent the bacteria in plaque causing tooth decay and gingivitis (bleeding gums).

Children like routine so they know what they are doing and when. A systematic approach to brushing is best, imagine the teeth as individual people and use a mirror when brushing.


Louisa’s Top 5 Brushing Tips for Kids

  1. Use a timer or favourite song to ensure kids brush for long enough – 1 minute under 6 years old, 2 minutes for over 6 year olds.
  2. Try a competition with siblings using tooth brushing charts. (These can be downloading from the Denplan website at the moment as a part of the Big Family Brush Up campaign*)
  3. Brush twice per day with fluoride toothpaste. Last thing at night and one other time of day (usually after breakfast)
  4. Use disclosing tablets – these show up any plaque that’s been missed when brushing.
  5. Try a battery/electric toothbrush with their favourite character on to make brushing abit more fun.


Louisa’s dos and don’ts

  1. When brushing spit the toothpaste out and don’t rinse your mouth with water.
  2. Visit the dentist at regular intervals.
  3. Don’t eat any food or drink (except water) 1 hour before bed.
  4. If you have to have them at all, drink fizzy drinks with a straw and try and have them with a meal.
  5. Do introduce interdental brushing as soon as big teeth come through to allow children to get into a good routine for the future.


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