My Hygiene Appointment

Feeling apprehensive I walked up the stairs to the surgery. I had booked my first hygiene appointment earlier that week, after questioning the health of my gums for a while, I hoped that Lucy could shed some light on my sensitive gums and the blood that I often see when brushing.

The Clean

I sat down in the chair, Lucy asked be some basic life style questions before beginning. After a check round all my teeth and gums, the clean began, a painless procedure designed to remove the plaque from your teeth. Lucy kept me informed as to what she was doing at all times and made me feel at ease. After the clean came the polish, and then I was done.

The Advice

However, the appointment wasn’t over. Lucy proceeded to give me a detailed explanation of what was wrong with my gums, why the problems had occurred, what would happen if I did nothing about it, and what would happen if I took her advice and followed the procedures she advised. Using a mirror, Lucy showed me problem areas in my mouth and brushing techniques she thought would be useful for me.  This made the appointment for me, her advice was clear and simple, and detailed to a point which I have never experienced from a dentist before. My appointment with Lucy has inspired me to go away and look after my gums. I will definitely be taking her advice.

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