October 11, 2017

New Digital Smile Design

Would you like to see what your teeth would look like at their best? Would you like to make sure that the smile that you are going to have created through veneers, braces or implants is what you want it to be before you start the process?


Digital smile design means that thanks to 3D printing we can now show you what your teeth would look like before we even touch them.

After a detailed discussion with our dentist, Greg Miller, about what you would like your teeth to look like we will take an impression of them and get them digitally designed. When you return a week or so later we will be able to transform your smile with temporary resin that is placed over the top of your teeth. You can have a good look at them and we can take photos of it allowing you to fully approve what we plan to do prior to making any commitment. The temporary resin is then removed and you are able to make a decision on whether to go ahead with braces, veneers or implants, having seen what they would look like afterwards.

“Digital Smile Design is a simple process that excites me as a dentist as I’ll be able to show people what we can do for them before having to put them through any dentistry.”- Greg Miller

You can try before you buy.