July 26, 2015

Adult Teeth Straightening

Here at the Bridlington Dental Studio we offer 3 types of teeth straightening;

Inman Aligners

Clear Aligners

Ceramic Braces

Which one you need will depend on how much your teeth need to move. Read below to find out more about each type of brace and see how each brace might help you create the smile you want.


Fixed Braces are traditional in style. Ceramic brackets and small wires fix the brace to your teeth and remain in place for the duration of your treatment. Your teeth move into position as a result of progressively tightening the wires. Clear ceramic ensures your fixed braces are discreet. They take between 6 and 12 months to straighten.

We guide you through your treatment

Oral Hygiene is very important when wearing Fixed Braces due to the brace acting as a trap for food and plaque. We help you take care of your oral hygiene by providing you with advice on how best to look after your teeth whist wearing your braces. You will have regular appointments with the dentist. This helps you to keep on top of your oral hygiene and we can keep track of your progress.

Our Practice Manager has undergone a fixed brace treatment, follow her progress…


Grace recently finished her Clear Aligners treatment

Here is some information about her treatment

Grace came to us when she decided to straighten her teeth. She decided to first whiten her teeth and then go forward with straightening. After consultation with the dentist, Greg, she decided that Clear Aligners were right for her.

In the following video Grace speaks about how she found her treatment and what her experience with us was like.

The most discrete braces

Smile, talk and eat with confidence

Healthy teeth and gums

Clear Aligners are a removable brace, however they are worn for most of the day. They are only removed for eating. Made from thin clear material, they fit to your teeth like a detailed gum shield. During the treatment, a succession of aligners are worn that move the teeth into the desired position.

We will guide you through your treatment.

Regular appointments with the dentist are needed to track your progress, your oral hygiene, and to perform any alterations to your teeth that might be needed. Frequent appointments also give you the opportunity to talk to the dentist about any worries you may have.


Inman Aligners are a new style of brace which allow for fast, effective teeth straightening. They are made of clear material and metal wires. They have small springs located behind the teeth which exert pressure on the teeth, encouraging them to move into a desired position.

Advantage of Inman Aligners

  • Fastest Straightening 
  • Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Great for occasion straightening 

Would Inman Aligners be right for you?

Inman Aligners are especially suited to people who are wanting to improve their smile but who are not willing to wear fixed braces for a long time. They are also ideal for people who have worn braces in the past but who’s teeth have subsequently moved.

We will guide you through your Inman Aligner treatment

During your Inman Aligner treatment you will have regular appointments with the dentist. This allows us to keep track of your progress and add resin tags to your teeth to make sure pressure in exerted in exactly the correct position.

This is one of our patients who wore Inman Aligners

She wore Inman Aligners for 12 weeks.

“Thank you so much I cannot get over the difference! I will definitely recommend your services to my family and friends. Its been a pleasure coming to my appointments and seeing all of the staff who are all very friendly! Thank you all for giving me the confidence to smile with my teeth” – Hayley Brown

These pictures show how the teeth looked before treatment, and after treatment. The pictures clearly show how the Inman Aligner has uncrossed the front teeth, creating a beautiful smile.

Greg tells us how Inman Aligners work...

7 thoughts on “Adult Teeth Straightening

  • Looking at straightening my teeth. I also have a gap in my front two teeth which I want to get rid of. What are the prices starting from etc.

    • Hi Sadie
      There are probably a few options for you.
      Composite veneers can be quite effective for smaller spaces and corrections of the alignment of the teeth. They would start from £300.
      Porcelain veneers can make for a longer lasting and more dramatic result and cost £300 per tooth.
      There are also brace options- A removable Inman aligner costs £1250 all in and takes a 8-14 weeks. Clear aligners take a little longer- usually about 12w of straightening and then another 12w of wearing them as much as possible to keep them in place. They cost £1500 up to £2000. Both require permanent retainers to hold the teeth in position and involve removing up to 0.25mm of enamel from the sides of the teeth in most cases.

  • Hi my teeth are really crooked at the top and bottom. I’ve just turned 22 and decided want to do something about them. What would be my best options?

    • Hi Natasha
      When straightening teeth your options might be an Inman aligner, clear aligners or fixed braces. These are suitable for different people so it would be best for me to have a look for you to advise what is best. It may be that you have the choice of all three!
      Veneers are sometimes used but are usually the least favoured option in younger people.
      Would you like some more information or to book an assessment (which costs £30)?
      Best wishes

  • Hi there I have a severe crossbite to the back right teeth, a couple of front teeth that have not come down properly making my smile look slanted. I also suffer from a clicky jaw & grind my teeth. What options are available to me please? Thanks

    • Hi
      I could take a look at your teeth to see what I could do for you.
      I may be able to correct your front teeth but the cross bite on the back teeth would need an orthodontist to correct it.
      Clicky jaws are very difficult to cure and seldom require it as they cause few problems.
      A night time protective shield would protect your teeth from grinding and sometimes helps clicky jaws too.
      If you can send me your number or give the practice a call perhaps we can arrange to have a look with you?
      Best wishes

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