‘You have not only rebuilt my teeth but my confidence too’

Read the experience of Julie, one of our most recent implant patients.

The Treatment

For Julie’s Implants we worked closely with our Implantologist Dr Sarah Glover to achieve a seamless treatment plan. Due to the number of Implants Julie had, she travelled to Pickering for the treatment, where Dr Glover is based. (when fewer Implants are been done treatment can be carried out in Bridlington). As well as implants Julie also seen Mr Greg Miller for Resin Build ups on her lower teeth and her check ups, she sees Miss Lucy Thompson for Hygiene appointments.

The Experience

“It is now almost 18 months since I made the best and wisest decision to move to your practice. As you know my teeth were a mess. But over the last 18 months between you, Sarah in Pickering and both of your fantastic teams you have not only rebuilt my teeth but my confidence too.

When I came to you I was so embarrassed about my teeth that I used to talk with my hand over my mouth, and at no point would I dare bite into anything hard like an apple/pear or meat in fear of more fillings coming out or caps falling off. Now I feel confident to eat whatever I like without worry about being left with a some tooth/filling or cap being dislodged.

Each time I have come into the studio at Bridlington and Pickering everyone is happy and friendly and always willing to help and you have a great team with you.

So can I thank you, your brilliant team at Bridlington and also Sarah and her equally brilliant team at Pickering for restoring my faith in dentistry and most importantly putting the smile back on my face!”

– Julie

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