October 11, 2017


We provide a full range of high quality private dental care. This includes check ups, minor corrections and complete makeovers.

The best dental care and health is our aim for you and your family.

New Patient Consultation – £50

Includes a Consultation with the dentist and a 13 point examination. If the Dentist thinks a scale and polish is necessary,  following your Consultation we recommend that you book an appointment with the Hygienist. We will often take required x-rays at this appointment which are £6 each.

Examination, Scale and Polish – £50

Includes a 13 point dental health check and a thorough scale and polish with the Dentist.

Hygiene visits – £39/ £50/ £75

Basic clean £39 

Includes a thorough scale and polish with the Hygiene Therapist, Lucy Thompson. Hard and soft plaque will be removed for you. Lucy will give you advice on how best to keep your mouth healthy and to clean every surface of every tooth. You can discuss what techniques and aids you will need to maintain a clean and healthy mouth

Premium clean £50

If you need more cleaning due to heavier staining or gum problems then this is the treatment for you. Lucy will have more time with you to more thoroughly clean away bacterial plaque deposits along the gums. 

Ultimate clean £75

Do you want your teeth as gleaming bright as possible? This treatment includes an air and powder polish that is the ultimate stain removal tool as well as all the usual important health tips.

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Examination Only – £33.50

Includes a 13 point dental health check.

Children’s Examination – £25

Includes full dental examination, oral health education and fluoride application when required.

Consultation or Second Opinion – £50

If you would like to discuss a specific treatment option we will gladly oblige with a thorough discussion of your options.

Adult Braces – From £970

We offer 3 different types of adult brace to suit individual straightening needs. The retainers required afterwards are included in the price as they are nearly as important as the braces!

Fixed Braces – £1950 (upper or lower only) £2975 (upper and lower braces)

Clear Aligners – £1470 plus £500 for each additional box of aligners required.

Inman Aligners – £1600 (including retainers)

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Teeth Whitening – From £300

Home Whitening – £300

Enlighten Evolution Ice Whitening – £600

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Fillings – From £86 to £134

We use white fillings wherever clinically possible with specific shade matching to your teeth.

Crowns – From £450-560

£450 (standard) £490 (advanced all ceramic) £560 (aesthetic)

We offer fully ceramic (colour matched) crowns, metal/ceramic crowns or fully metal crowns. We will discuss your options with you to make it easier for you to make the decision. All crown colours are matched to blend with your teeth.

Ceramic Bridges

We offer fully ceramic or part metal/part ceramic bridges, the dentist will advise you of the best option for you.

Veneers £350-£390

Porcelain (£390) and composite (£350)

For Composite Veneers the veneer will be built up for you in one visit. For Ceramic Veneers you will require two appointments for  preparation and fitting, but they can be more stain resistant and uniform in colour.

Root Canal Treatment – From £330 to £485

Includes cleaning, disinfection and filling root canals, diagnostic x-rays and filling the tooth.

Wrinkle Reduction – From £150

We offer wrinkle reduction around the eyes, eye brows and forehead – £150 (1 area), £200 (2 areas), £250 (3 areas).

Dermal Filler is applied to smooth lines around the nose mouth and chin, it can also be used to enhance the lips £250 (one 1ml syringe)


1ml Dermal/ Lip Filler and Wrinkle Reduction –  £395

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Sweat Reduction – £375

Dental Plans 


(*per year)

Adult Exclusive

£17.67 per month

Adult Basic

£8.84 per month

Kids (under18)

£5.85 per month

2 Checkups *

2 Hygiene appointments *


Scale and Polish

Fluoride application

Fissure Sealants

Single Surface Filling

Priority emergency call out

No Joining fee

10% off non cosmetic treatments